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At Milton Heating and Air Conditioning Services, we have a team of experts and friendly professionals who can accurately determine any issue in your Air Conditioner that requires immediate attention. Our technicians have been certified to repair various AC make and model that are available in the market so no matter the type of cooling system you have, you can rely on us to get the job done right. Moreover, we have technicians on call round the clock so we can assist customers during emergency situations.


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Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Repaired

  • You can’t feel air coming from the vents – Your air conditioner’s blower may start to malfunction when its motor dies, fan belt loosens, or blades get clogged. You will need a specialized technician to repair your AC so air will start to flowing again down to your home or office.
  • Your AC is not blowing cool or cold air – The purpose of air conditioners is to make your room cooler so if it emits warm air, it doesn’t serve its purpose properly. This issue may be caused by low refrigerant or a problem with the compressor unit so you may need to have it checked by a technician for possible repairs.
  • You hear unsual sounds from your AC – Rattling, grinding or squeaking noise are clear signs of mechanical problems. It can also be a caused by loose parts or a refrigerant leak. It will be best for you to contact a technician right away to have it inspected.
  • Your AC has a weird smell – An unusual odor may come from stale water that has accumulated in the AC ducts or worse, caused by fungus and molds. This has to be cleaned immediately as the latter can cause sickness to the people inhaling the contaminated air coming from the AC.
  • Your AC is leaking water – If you notice your air conditioner leaking, shut off your units from the thermostat right away and immediately contact a service technician to identify the source of the water leak since water buildup inside your home or office could lead to a more extensive damage to your property and health.
  • Your utility bill skyrocketed – If you notice sudden and unusual increases in your monthly utility bill, this may be a sign of an issue in your air conditioning system. Inefficiency of an AC is usually caused by dirty filters, duct leaks, defective motors, and low refrigerant so make sure to book as appointment with your technician for immediate inspection, repair and possible replacement.

At Milton Heating and Air Conditioning Services, we cater to any kind of AC repair request. Due to their vast knowledge on HVAC and extensive experience, our technicians can assist you with any concern regarding your air conditioning system. Just give us a call so we can start serving you.

Here’s a list of some of the AC repair services we offer:

  • Replacement of refrigerant
  • Repair or recalibration of broken thermostat
  • Repair and replacement of damaged belts or motors
  • Multi-zone air conditioning system repair
  • Cleaning and removal of dirt and grime from condenser coils
  • Humidifier/dehumidifier service
  • Repair of damaged electrical wiring

Air Conditioning Repair Milton, ON