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Heat Pump Repair Services

A heat pump is an equipment that works two ways. To make the temperature inside your home or building cooler, it extracts heat from indoors and pumps it outside. On the other hand, to provide heat to your place, it will extract heat from outside air and pump it inside. Over a period of time, it is expected that any HVAC equipment like heat pumps will require repairs due to its age, natural wear and tear or internal and external damages. If your heat pump malfunctions, you can give Milton Heating and Air Conditioning Services a call and our experienced and certified HVAC technicians will be there to identify the problem and provide resolution. We will also provide you with the repair estimate before we start the work.


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Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

Here are the telltale signs that a heat pump is not working properly and requires professional attention:

  1. It Emits a Strange Odor – If you start smelling someting unusual coming from your heat pump every time you turn it on, it could be a sign of growing mold in your ducts or evaporator coils. Equally, if you smell sulfur in the air, this can be indicative of a gas leak. You will need to have an HVAC Technician conduct proper inspection to determine the cause of these strange odors.
  2. It’s Producing Strange Noises – Noises in your heat pump can be indicative of loose parts or mechanical errors that only a trained technician can resolve.
  3. The Heat Distribution is Uneven – If you start noticing that the heat pump is not blowing hot air evenly, this can be a sign that the air filter is clogged. Filters have to be cleaned and replaced regularly for the air to pass through smoothly and evenly. Moreover, if some rooms are too cool and the others too warm, you may need a professional to look into the the forced-air distribution system and make sure it is balanced.
  4. It Does Not Produce Heat or Cool Air – This is one of the most common issues with heat pumps. If you notice the temperature in your house does not increase or decrease even after you make changes at the thermostat, there might be an issue with the evaporator coils, air ducts, or air handler. You might need a technician to assess the equipment for possible repair or replacement of some of its parts.
  5. The Heat Pump is Short Cycling – If your heat pump is short-cycling or keeps turning on and off frequently, you might need a technician to clean a clogged filter, check the thermostat’s operation, replace a defective fan, or or repair faulty valves.
  6. Increased Energy Costs – If you do not maintain your heat pump regularly or you keep using an equipment that has not been inspected by a professional in a year, it may cause your energy bill to increase. Without regular maintenance, a heat pump will become less effective and efficient as debris, dirt and dust accumulate.

Heat Pump Repair Milton, ON

Heat Pump Repair Milton