What is HVAC and Which HVAC Systems Best Suit Your Requirements

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Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems use diverse technologies to help maintain good indoor air quality, control moisture and humidity and provide adequate thermal comfort. These systems pertain to different processes of controlling air and temperature, including but not limited to moving air to and from indoor and outdoor areas, using filters to reduce volatile organics in the air, controlling moisture entry into buildings to prevent condensation and many more. However, the main purpose of the HVAC systems is to provide acceptable heating and cooling degrees to both residential and commercial buildings. In other words, these are the systems that keep you warm during winter and cool and refreshed during summer.

There are different kinds of HVAC systems and it is important for you to know your options before you decide on which type to install in your residence or work space.


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Heating and Cooling Split Systems

The most common type of HVAC is the Heating and Cooling Split Systems. This means that the equipment is split between two main units, one for heating and one for cooling. They have a cooling system outside and a fan to blow out hot air. Most versions available also come with purifiers and humidifiers so your home or workplace is kept comfortable all year round. These systems are most commonly used because of their lower maintenance and energy efficiency.

Hybrid Split System

Hybrid is similar to the H&C Split Systems, but has the ability to switch between gas power and electricity which allows owners to decide how they want to heat their home. This system provides all the benefits of Split Systems, but with the added option to conserve energy and lessen utility bills.

Duct Free System

Duct-free is a unique HVAC system with larger installation costs, but bigger energy conservation. This type of HVAC is individually installed in each room which gives the owner ability to control the usage of the units per room, therefore conserving energy more since it keeps unused rooms from wasting energy. These types of HVAC units are also commonly used by service businesses like hotels becuase it allows the tenants to control their own room’s temperatures and conditions.

Packaged Heating and Air

Unlike split-system units, all components of Packaged Heating and Air System are contained in one location, making this suitable for smaller spaces. They are also very efficient, and easily maintained. This type of HVAC system is also more popular in warmer climates since it is mostly used for its cooling system.

Now that you know the different HVAC systems available, you may be able to choose which is perfect for your personal or business heating, cooling, and comfort needs. But to get a more educated and professional recommendation, we suggest that you contact Milton Heating and Air Conditioning Services. We will provide you a more in-depth description of the pro’s and con’s of these different HVAC systems and help you find the best HVAC system to meet your business, individual or specific needs.

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