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At Milton Heating and Air Conditioning Services, we also offer a full range of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning services for commercial and industrial structures. Whatever your business needs, you can rely on our experience in the installation and maintenance of all types of commercial HVAC systems. From installation to maintenance service, we will deploy only the most dependable and experienced commercial HVAC contractors and technicians to work on the project. You can also trust us to provide you the equipment that is suitable to your conditions.


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Because of the larger size of commercial and industrial buildings compared to residential ones, ventilation is also more complex. Commercial HVAC systems will also have a bigger and more complicated network of pipes and drains especially if these systems are servicing a building that includes different types of offices and shops like restaurants, spas, gyms, or other facilities that require strong ventilation to provide acceptable indoor air quality.

If you need a bit more understanding of the different HVAC systems before consulting with us, here’s a rundown of the systems that we offer:

Single-Split System
A single-split HVAC system has one compressor, an evaporator coil, a furnace, and a refrigerant which is ideal for small shops like cafes, cozy restaurants, botiques and small offices. This type of AC has both the cooling and heating systems pass air through refrigerant lines and circulate it via air ducts.

Multi-Split System
Multi-Split System is ideal for larger retail shops, restaurants and offices. If your building has many walls or multiple floors, your conditions will be best served by a multi-split air conditioner.

VRF or VRV System
A variable refrigerant flow (VRF) or variable refrigerant volume (VRV) system uses a heat pump with refrigerant for heating and cooling. This process allows the system to move the refrigerant to a specific area in the building that requires heating or cooling. VRF or VRV System is suitable in heating and cooling large commercial buildings that house different types of spaces like restaurants, offices and retail shops.

Now that you have an idea of what Commercial HVAC Systems are available, make sure to carefully consider which option meets your requirements for your commercial building. And if you want a professional point of view, our advisors will be happy to schedule a consultation with you, free of charge.

Here’s a Wide Array of Commercial HVAC Services We Offer:
Commercial HVAC Installation
Regular HVAC Inspections and Evaluations
Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance
Retrofitting and Replacement of Equipment
Redesigning and Modification of HVAC systems

Getting a Commercial HVAC service provider to help maintain your equipment is a must. These systems may be more expensive to maintain and repair and they require more frequent inspections and visits from technicians with specialized expertise, however, availment of such services will help prolong the lifespan of your equipment, lower your bills due to increased energy efficiency, and consistently improve the air quality for a healthier environment for your staff and customers. Ultimately, this will result to a positive experience for your customers and clients and will eventually lead to higher profit.

Commercial HVAC Milton, ON

Commercial HVAC Milton